One on one training sessions are available throughout the week with a professional boxing trainer.

Prices starting at $40 per session with Chris Rahilly.

Prices starting at $50 per Training Session with David Rahilly.

For more information on prices check here.

Our Trainers

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Chris Rahilly

Boxing Classes with Chris.  This is a 30 minute high intensity class.  Each class is designed to develop the students ability in the sport of boxing.  Chris predominantly specialises in Western boxing.  This includes learning all offensive punches, defensive blocking, footing.  Chris can teach you how to become a proficient boxer if your intention is to compete.  However, most people use these classes to develop their physical and mental health.


Chris has trained and competed as an amateur boxer and now trains clients full time in the art of boxing.  He is very passionate about the sport.  Not just its physical benefits but also its mental health benefits to help people become fuller and happier versions of themselves.


We understand fitness can be a difficult thing to get into.  It’s uncomfortable and it makes you do things you probably don’t want to do.  After a few weeks you can become bored and unmotivated.

Motive Boxing is here to help you.

Our classes will still hurt, make you feel uncomfortable.  Our training method will push you towards strength, endurance, and cardiovascular gains in a way that is engaging, fun and always gets results.

During our hard hitting sessions you will go through a variety of fitness and boxing specific exercises.  We will provide you with bags, skipping ropes and the space to push up, jump and squat until you think you’re about to collapse.

One thing we do want you to know, is that no matter your fitness level you can start boxing.

We believe in the idea that ‘you don’t get fit to box, you box to get fit’.

Boxing Gym Brisbane


Professional Training. Friendly Environment. Fun Fitness. Boxing in Brisbane is a very popular sport and at Motive Boxing, we provide professional training in a relaxed, safe and friendly atmosphere. You are taught by experienced boxing trainers who have spent years on the professional scene, honing their skills and who now like to spend their time helping others receive the benefits of boxing.

Boxing Gym Brisbane


You might say that boxing is all about fighting and competitiveness, where two people duke it out to decide the winner. Motive Boxing is a Boxing gym in Brisbane. Here at Motive Boxing we're mostly about fitness and fun, although you can take it to a professional level if that’s something that interests you. Boxing is a well-established sport with a long history that goes back for centuries. Today, boxing can still be highly competitive, but many regular people in Brisbane take it up simply for fun, fitness and as a way to make new friends. Both men and women love boxing and it doesn’t matter whether you have never tried it before or you have been fighting for years, we welcome everyone to our gyms. You don’t need to worry about safety, because all our boxers use fair fighting techniques under a set of specific rules and all fights are supervised. We have lawyers, doctors, students, mums, dads – anyone who wants to try something different and get fit at the same time can benefit from boxing training at our boxing gym in Brisbane. Why not enjoy a professional sport with experienced trainers at a very affordable price?